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louer condo tucson arizona velo golf

The project

For us, Arizona rhymes with desert, beauty, cactus, cowboy, duel in the Wild West, tacos, bike, Mount Lemmon... Fun, fun, fun! Ah yes, there is also golf...

It all started on a cycling trip with my daughter in January 2012. As we really loved it, the idea to have a foot on land was conceived...


The following year, we returned cycling and started looking for condominiums. Our choice fell on the Foothills North of Tucson area. This upscale sector has the advantage of being near mountains while being not too far from the city. The Greens at Ventana Canyon is a complex with architecture typical of the region. Two-story buildings are extended on a large plot with beautiful views. The luxurious condominium was renovated at the end of 2014 in a warm and modern style.

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